Gallery of Past Brocantes

           Brocante History
The Brocante started  with a green idea of a swap/ free give away day   on the recreation ground where unwanted items could be swapped or taken by people who could use them rather than bin them. Free oddly was not what many wanted as they also had good items and due to local demographics many quality items the wanted to sell. As Salisbury is a 12 mile trek with expensive parking and many elderly locals had little transport Janet Amos and the PC came up with the idea of the Brocante and the first year was fankly bonkers. Due to location many many people have long standing histories in properties so items revealed went from first world war crutches etc from an ex WW1 convalescent home to ex designer clothes and even punk Westwood items right down to boxes of clay garden pots. This means each Brocante is a true pick and mix of items from pennies to pounds fo all ages

Gallery 2016
The Brocante was in various locations around the village but with increased popularity came a few problem idiots who parked in front of the fire station and people who drove and parked 'creatively'. Plus the cash machine was empty by 9.30 as usual. The atmosphere was brilliant and 99.9% of the visitors seemed to enjoy Tisbury with the refreshments being remarked on and the Methodist Church munchies being popular. A few home sellers forgot to close gates as they set up and were inundated with dealers a few of the exceedingly rude persuasion. You all need to remember they want to buy your bits to sell at a profit, times are hard so they get rude. Easy solution put a sheet over the tables tell them you are not ready as contrary to what they say you are in charge as to when you open and prices. There were 60 official stalls at Tisbury addresses and many more pop up stalls where people opened after they saw the weather and only had a few bits to sell. This with the official paid stalls for dealers at various locations saw the range of goods go from childrens clothes to collectors vinyl to top end antiques via a legless pre war shop dummy with parts missing.

Lower Weaveland Road with Viv

First thing in the morning... collectors vinyl by the metre

Above three pics by Paul at Tisbury Blog

Big Bang Pizza at the Bennet pics by Tom Ridge from

setting up first thing @ the bottom recreation ground
Pics by Rupert Lescott at

Gallery 2015

The Brocante will be in various locations around the village this is a taster of 2015 all pics below by Jon Amos

The recreation ground

The Square

Hinton Hall. . . down the side of the church hiding behind a nice hidden car park

A High Street Garage . . . yes big furniture sells too !

Old Library car park. .yes no area was left unused !

Methodist Church + hall purveyors of lemon drizzle cake,chairs and a sit down !

Outside the Victoria Hall on the grass

Victoria Hall stalls

Home stalls. . . anything goes (ish)

Tisbury Quarry. . . top of the hill behind Heatons the older buildings end of the village unsuitable for cars but full of bargains
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