The Brocante will be in various locations around the village – as traders book, we aim to fill one hall before moving on to the next. Each of the village halls has a kitchen (tea & coffee making provisions should be available for traders) and toilet facilities. There are pubs ,  Beatons Tea Room , Genius Coffee and stalls  in Tisbury High St; plus food shops (Co-op, the Butcher and The Deli) which sell sandwiches, ready made pies etc. Also last year many locals sold home made items ranging from Macaroni Cheese ( highly rated) to Lemon Drizzle cakes from houses en route.

“Flea Market – Mobile caterers must have an agreed booking, otherwise access will be refused.”

Catering enquiries via Marcus who is co-ordinating this area
For the   Carnival Committee    07845 429374

Public Toilets on 'The Avenue' ... Turn past the post Office just before the FREE car park which is signposted. Toilets will also be available in the various halls, the Campus and recreation field so you never be too far away if with smaller children

Cash Machine - As this is a village it will normally be emptied by 9. 30 at the latest in the morning, if it is working. So bring cash many shops will take cards but locals do not .

Safety. . . there will be marshalls and first aiders around stunningly easy to find as they will be in the fetching high vis jackets often attached to a radio. If near a shop many have chairs and simple things to help so you will not be far away from assistance whether a safety pin is needed or doctor. There will be a HQ at the Parish office with phones,and first aid box if needed

Disabled parking. . . There will be no legal provision around the village but remember the hill is steep so very much quicker descending than climbing. There will be designated disabled parking at the base of the High street and outside Heatons shop at the top of the hill for blue badge holders. The village will be suitable to drive around if really needed as there will be a diversion route but equally nice to walk as designed or bottlenecks may ensue.. . . . . . Remember that parking is always a premium so often better to walk and shop than spend time searching for a  space especially if in the centre of the town !

Co-op... Sandwiches, snacks standard Arkwrights format... open all hours sells most things do shop early as last year they were hoovered clean by after lunch so shop early !

Genius Coffee half way up the hill, they also grind and prepare their own specialist coffees and do take outs ( tiddly shop interior )

Beatons . . . Real Coffee, Real Tea from a selection plus killer cakes and a bookshop too www.beatonstearooms.co.uk/ Again get in early or queue real coffee takes time

Beatons Interior

Play park for fractious tinies . . . we have one at the top on the Churchill Estate ( signposted as Sports Centre) plus a smaller one at the back of the recreation ground so they can relax after time spent browsing but do watch if by the river as VERY muddy but occupied with well fed ducks and otters that love unattended picnics

PARKING :The Brocante is run by the village with volunteer help. The parking is aided by the youth club and the Carnival Committee Marshalls. They do their best to help for a day when our population can double in size and do not work well with verbal abuse as being simply there to help and advise. Do plan where you wish to park if possible in advance and life will be stress free rather than sitting in a  single track road with opposing traffic working out how to move and then taking it out on a volunteer. Parking areas are at the King George V playing field by the Campus and possibly some at the Campus which is off Hindon Lane; At the field at Messums off the Salisbury road; and at the Railway Station and possibly near the business park by three arch bridge with some for 4x4 in Johnson's Field opposite with permission

To help we now have designated parking areas just off all the approach roads in to town plus the central car park and some in town parking all marked in red on the maps pdf  click here. Due to being a historic village  with many beautiful old stone listed buildings many of the streets were built for the horse and cart not two abreast 4 x 4 's and we cannot alter these facts however you argue. Parking will be labelled as field parking ( good for all if dry best for 4 x 4 or profficient drivers when damp) and hard standing areas. There are NO designated  disabled parking  spaces but  you should be able to find spots to ' drop off' people and later collect with a car after parking elsewhere unless mega early and lucky. . .  sorry about that but Wiltshire council have not allocated us any.

Certain areas are definite DO NOT PARK areas last year parking by the fire station doors signified a severe lack of thought  as a large fire engine driving through your pride and joy would drastically re-model it. Parking on private house drives is also unpopular without permission ie think and respect other people. . . we live here. There will be cones on the narrow portion of Hindon Lane to protect your car from being squished.
The bottom end of town & railway  There  is a very inviting watermeadow oppsite from the station with happy toads and newts and occasional unhappy motorists who discover exactly why it is called a water meadow. However there should be parking spaces in the station area being a bank holiday and on the two roadsides opposite  the South Western and by the Recreation field also the other side of the station bridge.

 The Park and ride centre behind the Medieval Tithe Barn ( Messums Art Gallery ) best approached from the Salisbury/Chilmark road. On this day as Messums use their own car park a field will be designated by kind permission of Lord Margadale

Approached via Hindon and Fonthill  there will be parking  at  Tisbury Campus next to the Sports Centrte and swimming pool. This will be signposted with both on field and hard standing areas to park. Try not to park in the housing estates as the roads are narrow and people object when blocked in. Remember you are driving past their homes with free range children so please use a reasonable speed

Food Areas :-
Big Bang Pizzas outside The Benett

Brocante Café – Home made cakes and teas in the Reading Room (NOT the Methodist Hall) . . . check

Light refreshments in the Hinton Hall – sandwiches and home made cakes

Brownies doing tea, cakes etc at the Catholic Church rooms bottom of the High Street

The Boot Inn

The Mess café at the Tithe Barn/Messums Wiltshire

Airstream Cafe bottom of the High Street with interior seating:-


And for dads etc we have a number of old fashioned refreshment sellers/ for mums a dad park whilst shopping :-


Tisbury Sports and Social Club.. . on the sports field +

The Boot Towards the top of the High Street, 
 High St, Tisbury, Salisbury SP3 6PS 01747 870363 For food & real ale. . .The oldest pub in the village and a stunning early building inside

The Beckford Arms, Fonthill Gifford also rooms if booked well in advance about 1.6 miles Fonthill Gifford SP3 6PX 01747 870385 www.beckfordarms.com/ Amazing food, craft ales, often fully booked so you have been warned. Home of creative car parking. . . a few spaces only!

CONTACT DETAILS Email: click here   or ask the Carnival Committee        for the Carnival updates           for the Brocante  updates
Written enquiries to:-  Heatons 2-3  High St, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6PS